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Kimberlé Crenshaw: What is Critical Race Theory, Anyway?

The Kettering Foundation's The Context Podcast (2024)

I helped build The Context podcast for the Kettering Foundation from the ground up starting in 2023. Their first and flagship podcast, the show is a non-partisan look at democracy from the past, present, and the future. 

Learn more about this episode here.

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Randomness: A need for chaos

Quartz Obsession Podcast (2021)

Quartz took me on as the sound designer/mixer for the Obsession podcast from the start. It digs into the most fascinating facets of an idea: where it came from, how it got to us, and what it can tell us about the forces that are changing the way we live and work. Learn more about this episode here.


Across the Purple Sage

Everything Is Stories (2024)

From 2022-2024 I helped craft the immersive sound design for Everything Is Stories new season of true, first person narrative stories. This one is probably my favorite from the batch, and is a story of the rise and fall of a pair of cattle thieves.

Learn more about this episode here.


Auto Industry Chip Shortage Worsens (August 20, 2021)

Financial Times News Briefing (2021)

The Financial Times News Briefing routinely turns to me when they need an extra hand when it comes to production. This was part of a week-long stint I did with the team in August 2021. Learn more about this episode here.


Designing with Lynn Fisher

Heroku's Code[ish] Podcast (2020)

Salesforce took me on to produce the Code[ish] Podcast for Heroku in early 2019. Since then, we've gotten it off the ground and have a full schedule of episodes already in the bag. This episode is part of their 'Tools & Tips' series. 

Learn more about this episode here.

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The Path to Mental Freedom with Peter Crone

Not Perfect Podcast (2021)

I've been producing Poppy Jamie's Not Perfect Podcast since it started in the fall of 2019. The podcast explores what it is to be human. From mental health to money matters, happiness to heartbreak, science to sadness. Learn more about this episode here.


How Clare is reinventing the painting experience from top to bottom

Loose Threads Podcast (2019)

I've been producing the Loose Threads Podcast since 2017. Exploring the "new consumer economy through the lens of the entrepreneurs navigating the industry," it was named one of Fast Company's Top 10 Business Podcasts in their July/August 2017 issue. Learn more about this episode here.


Honoring the Past, while Educating the Future

Connect, Collaborate, Champion! the NACU Podcast (2021)


I've been producing the podcast of the New American Colleges & Universities since 2020, which wrestles with current and future challenges and opportunities in higher education while providing practical insight for campus leaders. Learn more about this episode here.

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Dic Donohue: Resilience in the line of fire

Deloitte's Resilient Podcast (2017)

​While working at Rivet Smart Audio, I helped get Deloitte's Resilient podcast

off the ground. In this episode, retired Sergeant Dic Donohue explains how he’s been able to find a silver lining after the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing. Learn more about this episode here.


Becoming an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur First's Three and a Half Founders Podcast (2019)

Entrepreneur First is a start-up accelerator with over 200 companies under its belt. On top of producing episodes of their Scaling Ambition podcast, I produced this six-episode series featuring four of their alumni in a round table discussion on the ins and outs of the start-up world. Learn more about this episode here.

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