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Harry Haskell, step-grandson of the late Katharine Wright (sister to Orville and Wilbur Wright who built the first airplane) approached me about wanting to create a podcast about Katharine and her life. He'd adapted sections from her book, had a list of people to interview, and passages from her letters he wanted to incorporate.

We hit the ground and in a few months time, we had In Her Own Wright, a three-part podcast that tells her story narrated by Harry himself and features the voices of scholars, historians, Wright relatives, and a local actor to portray the role of Katharine.

This is the story of a worldly, independent, and self-fulfilled woman who turned traditional gender roles on their heads at the turn of the twentieth century. 


This series was made possible by a generous grant from Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Park,
with additional funding from Sue and Lester Reingold, and Susan Marsh and Richard Maurer.

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