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Playwright/author Michael London first wanted to combine theatre and literature with the creation of Dearest as an epistolary novel contained within a hatbox. It's not bound in a book, but instead a stack of seemingly handwritten letters bound with a ribbon and an envelope that says "Sunshine, read this letter first. Congratulations!"

Now Dearest is a podcast that combines cultures. Each letter will "arrive" individually as its own episode, and the publication aligns with the dates at the tops of the letters. So, just like the mail in the 1870s, it's uncertain when the next will arrive, and perhaps frustratingly, these "letters" get crossed in the mail, so questions from certain letters might not get answered for a few weeks.

Sign up for the Dearest Newsletter to know "when the postman's come."


This series was made possible by a generous grant from the Montgomery County Arts & Cultural District
with assistance from Culture Works

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