While I live in Dayton, OH, I've done more tape syncs in surrounding cities than just around the block. I record interviews regularly for my own projects, NPR pieces, and audio related to my podcast Fifth & Ludlow -- all with the kit below. I know to look for spaces with ample sound absorbing items, and I've sat for hours in hot rooms so air conditioning wouldn't kick on.


Zoom H4N Personal Handy Recorder
Canare Quad L-4E6S & Neutrik Gold Connectors

Zoom H4N

Personal Handy Recorder                                                                                     

Canare Quad L-4E6S & Neutrik Gold Connectors

RØDE NTG2  Multi-Powered Shotgun Microphone


Multi-Powered Shotgun Microphone

Previous Syncs:

Ohio (2016-Present)


   Religion News Service's Beliefs Podcast - How to be Uncomfortable: Faith and Toxic Perfectionism

   Snap Judgment's Spooked Podcast - Hellevator

   An Arm And a Leg Podcast - Christmas in July

   Ozy Media & iHeartRadio's Flashback Podcast - How the YMCA Helped Launch the Tobacco Black Market

   The War On Cars Podcast - Making the Bus Sexy Again

   America Media's Deliver Us Podcast - Are the reforms working?​ 
   WNYC's Fishko Files
- Pakula's Paranoia   

   WNYC's On The Media - Germany's Native American Fantasy

   Pivotal’s That Moment Podcast - "When you're doing the right thing, people want to help"

   WBUR & Reddit’s Endless Thread Podcast - The Science Behind the ‘Call of the Void’   

   This American Life - Ready As You'll Never Be (Act One of Before the Next One)

   Slate's Daily Feed Podcast - Working Animals: How Does Fiona the Hippo Work?

   Smithsonian Institution’s Sidedoor Podcast - The Hungry Hungry Hippo Baby

   BrightHouse Consulting - Five-Part Series on ‘Luminaries’ (In-House Use Only)

   Novel - Forthcoming Piece 

   Bloomberg - Forthcoming Piece

   Lemonada Media's Last Day PodcastKids at Ground Zero

   Poetry Foundation’s Poetry Off The Shelf Podcast - What Happened to House Calls?

   The Longreads PodcastIn Conversation with Hanif Abdurraqib: On Loving A Tribe Called Quest

   Backstory - The American Issue (from Divided States of America?)

   Gimlet’s The Pitch Podcast - PopCom: Are Vending Machines the Future of Retail?
   Trailblazers with Walter Isaacson - Tee Time
   Poetry Foundation’s Poetry Off The Shelf Podcast - The Pulse of American Poetry
   Interfaith Voices - Trans In The Eyes of God
   The Ezra Klein Show - JD Vance: The Reluctant Interpreter of Trumpism

   Marketplace's This Is Uncomfortable Podcast - "Click Here for a Life-Changing Opportunity!"

   The Boston Globe - How to Hire a Matchmaker (Article)

   Marketplace - The History — and Psychology — Behind the Tax Refund

   The Boston Globe & Wondery Media - Gladiator: Aaron Hernandez and Football Inc.
   bioGraphic Magazine - Invisible Nature: Return of the Wood Frog

Chicago (2013-2016)

   Interfaith Voices - Young Podcast Hosts Aren't Afraid to Talk Frankly about Faith

   NPR Weekend Edition Saturday - Amid Divisive Crises, Europeans Rethink Open Borders

   Psychic Pshow with Lauren Lapkus - The Mysterious Road

   Matt Wolf (Filmmaker) - Recorder: The Marion Stokes Project

   Marketplace - New York’s Most Famous Rat

   BBC Radio 4 - Malcolm X and the ‘American Nightmare’

   Snap Judgment - The Good Fight (from #602 Rites of Passage)

   Latino USA - The Infinite Dream of Chilean Pop Music

   WBUR’s Stylus - Who Is Babalu?

   National Endowment for the Arts - Into the Beautiful North Audio Guide