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While I live in Dayton, OH, I've done more tape syncs in surrounding cities than just around the block. I record interviews regularly for my own projects, NPR pieces, and audio related to my podcast Fifth & Ludlow -- all with the kit below. I know to look for spaces with ample sound absorbing items, and I've sat for hours in hot rooms so air conditioning wouldn't kick on.


Canare Quad L-4E6S & Neutrik Gold Connectors

Zoom H6 

Audio Recorder            

Canare Quad L-4E6S & Neutrik Gold Connectors

RØDE NTG2  Multi-Powered Shotgun Microphone


Multi-Powered Shotgun Microphone

Previous Syncs:

Ohio (2016-Present)


   Religion News Service's Beliefs Podcast - How to be Uncomfortable: Faith and Toxic Perfectionism

   Snap Judgment's Spooked Podcast - Hellevator

   An Arm And a Leg Podcast - Christmas in July

   Ozy Media & iHeartRadio's Flashback Podcast - How the YMCA Helped Launch the Tobacco Black Market

   The War On Cars Podcast - Making the Bus Sexy Again

   America Media's Deliver Us Podcast - Are the reforms working?​ 
   WNYC's Fishko Files
- Pakula's Paranoia   

   WNYC's On The Media - Germany's Native American Fantasy

   Pivotal’s That Moment Podcast - "When you're doing the right thing, people want to help"

   WBUR & Reddit’s Endless Thread Podcast - The Science Behind the ‘Call of the Void’   

   This American Life - Ready As You'll Never Be (Act One of Before the Next One)

   Slate's Daily Feed Podcast - Working Animals: How Does Fiona the Hippo Work?

   Smithsonian Institution’s Sidedoor Podcast - The Hungry Hungry Hippo Baby

   BrightHouse Consulting - Five-Part Series on ‘Luminaries’ (In-House Use Only)

   Novel - Forthcoming Piece 

   Bloomberg - Forthcoming Piece

   Lemonada Media's Last Day PodcastKids at Ground Zero

   Poetry Foundation’s Poetry Off The Shelf Podcast - What Happened to House Calls?

   The Longreads PodcastIn Conversation with Hanif Abdurraqib: On Loving A Tribe Called Quest

   Backstory - The American Issue (from Divided States of America?)

   Gimlet’s The Pitch Podcast - PopCom: Are Vending Machines the Future of Retail?
   Trailblazers with Walter Isaacson - Tee Time
   Poetry Foundation’s Poetry Off The Shelf Podcast - The Pulse of American Poetry
   Interfaith Voices - Trans In The Eyes of God
   The Ezra Klein Show - JD Vance: The Reluctant Interpreter of Trumpism


Novel - Forthcoming Piece 

   iHeartPodcasts Sacred Scandal Podcast - The Time of Troubles

   Marketplace's This Is Uncomfortable Podcast - "Click Here for a Life-Changing Opportunity!"

   The Boston Globe - How to Hire a Matchmaker (Article)

   Marketplace - The History — and Psychology — Behind the Tax Refund

   The Boston Globe & Wondery Media - Gladiator: Aaron Hernandez and Football Inc.
   bioGraphic Magazine - Invisible Nature: Return of the Wood Frog

Chicago (2013-2016)

   Interfaith Voices - Young Podcast Hosts Aren't Afraid to Talk Frankly about Faith

   NPR Weekend Edition Saturday - Amid Divisive Crises, Europeans Rethink Open Borders

   Psychic Pshow with Lauren Lapkus - The Mysterious Road

   Matt Wolf (Filmmaker) - Recorder: The Marion Stokes Project

   Marketplace - New York’s Most Famous Rat

   BBC Radio 4 - Malcolm X and the ‘American Nightmare’

   Snap Judgment - The Good Fight (from #602 Rites of Passage)

   Latino USA - The Infinite Dream of Chilean Pop Music

   WBUR’s Stylus - Who Is Babalu?

   National Endowment for the Arts - Into the Beautiful North Audio Guide

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