Podcast Audio Producer/Editor

Heroku's Code[ish] Podcast | February 2019 – Present

   • Produce and edit episodes of Code[ish] Podcast
   • Remove sections of interview to shorten episodes and keep conversation on track
   • Oversee podcast platform uploading as well as building tutorials on equipment and processes
   • Adjust interview levels for consistency
   • Maintain strong communication between several people at Heroku concerning episode production
   • Edit episodes on a regular basis, sometimes a few each week

Community Voices Producer (Contracted)
WYSO Public Radio | November 2016 – Present

   • Find stories within the community worth highlighting in short feature segment
   • Interview subjects, write scripts around interview clips, and produce piece
   • Meet regularly with editor to discuss direction of piece and assess any encountered problems
   • Complete pieces on tight deadlines
   • Accept and produce assignments from WYSO staff


Podcast Audio Producer/Editor (Contracted)

Loose Threads Podcast | April 2017 – Present

   • Produce and edit episodes of Loose Threads Podcast
   • Use editorial judgment to identify sections to remove to shorten length
   • Seamlessly remove all disfluencies from episode interviews
   • Adjust levels of host and subject's tracks to keep them consistent
   • Actively communicate with host via Slack
   • Edit episodes on a weekly basis and work ahead as necessary

Podcast Audio Producer/Editor (Contracted)

MetaLearn Podcast (UK) | March 2017 – Present

   • Produce and edit episodes of MetaLearn Podcast
   • Edit episodes for length by using editorial judgment to determine content to remove
   • Complete productions of multiple episodes on a weekly basis
   • Adjust levels between host and guest as to keep them from competing in volume
   • Keep up strong lines of communication via email, Google Drive, and Slack
   • Meet on a regular basis with host to discuss calendar and forthcoming episodes

Executive Producer/Host

Fifth & Ludlow Podcast | May 2017 – December 2019

   • Conducted over two dozen interviews over a two year period

   • Used historical records to research the people in the story and compiled them for online use
   • Organized episode outline establishing story arc and cliffhangers
   • Wrote scripts around interview audio and produced each episode alongside an editor
   • Worked with composer to establish the sound of the series and incorporated their music into the episodes
   • Used editorial judgment to decide which parts furthered the narrative and which strayed too far away from the story

   • Built podcast website and published finished episodes to various podcast platforms

Midday News Anchor (Contracted)

Otto Radio, Inc. | March 2017 – July 2018

   • Wrote, read, and produced multiple sound-heavy news stories and headlines packages per hour

   • Identified top stories, and prioritized them over other news stories

   • Recorded breaking news stories, and provided updates as needed

   • Utilized Associated Press and AFP feeds to gather sound for stories

   • Determined a story's lifespan, while trying to find evergreen stories that could remain on the app

Director of Audio Production
Rivet Radio, Inc. | February 2016 – October 2016

   • Produced podcast episodes, audio features, and news stories for Rivet’s business-to-business production model
   • Maintained strong communication between clients and staff to ensure on-time delivery of podcast episodes
   • Built guides and hold tutorials on best audio editing and production practices
   • Troubleshooted issues within studios and assisted with necessary production needs
   • Researched, wrote, and produced original features and news segments on a regular basis
   • Collaborated with news team to uphold quality, while ensuring consistency with overall Rivet content


Everything Sounds Podcast | May 2012 – February 2016

   • Hosted and produced short-form radio show/podcast with over 100k online listens and aired on over 20 radio stations
   • Produced episodes in interesting and unique ways to keep listeners entertained, while keeping story’s details precise
   • Handled scheduling and logistics for interviews, and interview subjects
   • Recorded interviews and gather any related audio
   • Wrote programming layouts and scripts for episodes

Audio Producer (Contracted)

Chicago Public Media | December 2013 – March 2016

   • Provided audio production and editing for trial runs of imaging rebranding for Sound Opinions
   • Worked remotely and met regularly with Sound Opinions staff on different options/directions

Conference Manager

Third Coast International Audio Festival | July 2014 – November 2014

   • Booked hotels, managed registrations, catalogued invoices and made event schedule
   • Maintained close communication with dozens of presenters, volunteers, and attendees
   • Coordinated with hotel staff, secured event space and food, oversaw volunteers and entire event weekend

Script Writer (Contracted)

Hadley School for the Blind | June 2014 – October 2014

   • Rewrote previous audio presentation scripts created to help those experiencing vision loss
   • Maintained a clear, concise, and colloquial voice, while still delivering necessary information
   • Completed scripts under tight deadlines
   • Assisted with the production of presentations

Sound Designer (Contracted)

Organised Chaos Productions (UK) | December 2013 – February 2014

   • Created soundscapes based on scenes from edited short film 'Lameaux'
   • Took director's sonic image for separate environments and took initiative with certain aspects of sound design
   • Met frequently with director over VOIP to discuss changes to soundscapes and film for adjustment

Sound Designer (Contracted)

Indomitable Productions (UK) | July 2013 – November 2013

   • Built soundscapes for stage opera production of 'Britten's Five Canticles'
   • Followed Artistic Director and Creative Director's vision for how soundscapes should further story
   • Created individual sonic elements with own narrative structure to tie together musical pieces
   • Considered frequencies and space of theater while utilizing stereo field

Audio Editor (Contracted)

IMG Media - Live @ Wimbledon Radio | June 2013 – August 2013

   • Worked as part of a production team in a fast-paced environment
   • Adopted a production style appropriate for sports talk
   • Edited audio from numerous sources with quick turn-around for broadcast
   • Created commentary montages and sequences on tournament matches
   • Developed and pitched story and montage ideas to senior producers
   • Prepared audio for on-air broadcasting during live broadcasts
   • Assisted with pilot production of Barclays Premier League Podcast

Programming Assistant/Imaging Director/Board Operator

92.3 WTTS-FM/95.9 FM AM1370 WGCL | March 2009 – August 2011

   • Executed full station imaging overhaul including writing, producing, and editing station IDs, promos, imagers, and bumps
   • Created programming that served the audience and generated sales
   • Produced independent music show and programming for both talk and music formats
   • Hosted weekday evenings and weekends on WTTS
   • Frequently hosted WGCL Morning Show and live produced programs
   • Managed and updated content on both stations’ websites
   • Conducted in-studio performances and both in-studio and on-site interviews with musicians


   Goldsmiths College, University of London | MA Radio | 2012

   Indiana University, Bloomington | BA Telecommunications | 2009