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The Bridge from Dayton to the Congo

Immigrants have shaped Dayton, Ohio recently, and since September 2016, dozens of refugees from the Democratic Republic of Congo have been welcomed into Grace United Methodist Church to worship in Swahili.

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Black Lives Matter protest shapes Ohio ballot

BLM protestors take over a city council meeting following the police shootings of two black men: Henry Green and Ty’re King.


Drone racing could be the sport of the future

Multi-GP’s trying to make drone racing the next Formula 1, and the Chicago Drone Racers are laying down their roots.


Technology is helping blind people lead independent lives

Technology’s changing everyone’s lives, especially of those in the blind community.


Sexist or Soothing?: Why your device has a female voice

Siri, Cortana, Alexa — female voices dominate the tech industry. I investigated why this is the case and spoke with gravitytank‘s Elizabeth Glenewinkle to help figure it out.

I also wrote about the process behind making this piece for the Rivet Radio Blog.


2012 London Coffee Festival

I went to the London Coffee Festival and put together a light news package about coffee and the 2012 Barista Championships.