Vision Loss Audio Recordings

While with Low Vision Focus @ Hadley, I rewrote audio recordings they put together in the 1990’s. They’re designed to help people experiencing vision loss learn how to maintain their independence without their sight. If you know someone who could benefit from these recordings, you can request any or all of the audio recordings for free:

Making The Kitchen User Friendly | Making the kitchen safer and more functional, clearing clutter and using contrasting color and shape recognition
Low Vision Cooking | Safe cooking techniques to make cooking a more enjoyable experience
Doing Simple Kitchen Tasks | How to make daily kitchen and household tasks easier
Basic Tactile Marking | Using various materials to create tactile markers and marking different household items to distinguish them
Simple Home Modifications | Tools and strategies to make your household more low vision-friendly
Getting Around The House | Techniques to increase your indoor mobility at home
Looking Your Best | Low vision tips to make your personal care and grooming routine easier and ways to make laundry more manageable
Keeping Prescriptions In Order | Taking your medications, getting your prescriptions and managing your prescription routines
Going Out For A Meal | Tips and tricks to go out and enjoy a meal in public
Going Out With A Friend | Using a human guide to navigate places and situations outside of your household

‘The Heartbeat’ | Radio Drama Script

For this adaptation, I took some liberties with the overall piece: I added another character, set it in the late 1980’s and expanded the overall time frame. Also, because Poe’s original didn’t have much in terms of dialogue, most of the dialogue is my own, however I used as much of his original words as I could.

If you’re interested in reading the script or listening to the production, but haven’t read the original short story, you should read that first.

Auburn University’s Radio Flyer Theatre produced this script, which premiered on an episode Everything Sounds:

East London Lines | Online Articles

Prior to the 2012 Olympics, Tower Hamlets invested a lot of money into Victoria Park because it was seen as the ‘Doorstep to Olympic Park.’

Thames Water was under fire from Londoners as it persisted on building a tunnel as part of a sewage overflow from the River Thames.

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) placed ground-to-air missiles atop the Bow Quarter Residence in response to potential threats during the Olympics. I reached out to the MoD to get some questions answered.