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Everything Sounds is a podcast and short-form radio program exploring the role of sound in art, science, culture, and our everyday lives. Each program aims to highlight people, places, and ideas that expand our understanding of the power of sound.

The name ‘Everything Sounds’ is in reference to an old radio drama recording studio the BBC used to have. There was a balcony for the audience to watch the players down on the main floor as they recorded the drama and on the side of the balcony (only for the players to see) was a quote that read, ‘everything sounds, even silence.’

That’s what we hope this podcast does — find sounds that people don’t even realize exist.


#11: Microphone Museum

Bob Paquette has been collecting microphones for over six decades. His collection resides in his microphone museum that resides in the building that houses his family business in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Bob shared his knowledge of microphones and anecdotes concerning fears about using early microphones, and how some of his collection ended up in the hands of a famous director.

#31: Not In The Kitchen Anymore

Jenny Haniver has been a gamer as long as she can remember. When she and her husband bought an XBOX 360 they began to dive into the world of online gaming. While she was playing, Jenny began noticing other gamers’ reactions to her. She began recording those interactions and used them for an art installation and eventually for her website, Not in the Kitchen Anymore. Learn about how these recordings of online gaming are opening up a discussion on gender issues in the gaming community.

#55: Restaurant Sound Design

In the 2013 Zagat Dining Trends Survey found the number one complaint among diners was noise. How much of the sound is there by design and how can restaurant owners use sound to make dining out a more pleasant (and less noisy) experience?