awards & recognitions

Under the Skin: A Look at Implantable Tech

2016 – Regional Edward R. Murrow Small Online News Award for ‘Audio Feature’ from the Radio Television Digital News Association 

2015 – Runner-up for ‘Best Light Feature’ Award from Illinois Associated Press Broadcasters Association

2015 – Runner-up for ‘Best Health or Science Reporting’ Peter Lisagor Award from Chicago Headline Club

I went under the knife to find out if the future of technology is less EXTERNAL and more INTERNAL.

The Story of Marvin the ‘Street Greeter’

2015 – National & Regional Edward R. Murrow Small Online News Award for ‘Use of Sound’ from the Radio Television Digital News Association 

The sounds of a commute are the soundtrack to a morning. It could be car horns while stuck in traffic, the screeching of the train skidding along a curve, or in the case of my commute, a man named Marvin. It doesn’t matter what the weather’s like or what day it is, Marvin goes to the same spot each morning to try to make people’s days better.

Music by Podington Bear

Everything Sounds Episode 32: 52 Hz

2013 – Grant as part of the PRX STEM Story Project

We had wanted to do an episode on 52Hz on Everything Sounds for a long time, but weren’t able to until we were awarded this grant. It’s the story of a whale known as 52Hz, often referred to as ‘the loneliest whale in the world’ because it’s said to ‘speak’ at 52Hz, which is much higher than most other whales (10-39Hz). Because it may not be able to communicate with other whales, many people think it’s forced to lead a very ‘lonely’ life.

Music by Mustafa Shaheen


2012 – ‘Best Radio News Feature Category – Individual Award’ at the Broadcast Journalism Training Council (BJTC) Awards (London)

I’ve always had an appreciation for coins and coin collecting. While I am not an avid collector by any means, I do enjoy the history behind each coin and are fascinated by those who truly do have a passion for the collection of coins.